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About Michael C. Lee

- Licensed & Bonded Craftsmanship-

About Michael

Michael is a third generation craftsman who has developed his

style at woodworking through his love of wood and a passion for creating art with his own hands. European design as well as The American Arts and Crafts Movement have been major influences in Michael’s life and can be seen in his impeccable attention to detail. Featured on the cover of the December 2OOO issue of CabinetMaker Magazine, Michael continues to grow and develop his craft. 

Cabinetry & Furniture are everywhere in a home and the realization of each project requires focus, knowledge and the ability to meet the demands of each client. Working directly with Architects, Designers and Homeowners, Michael will put together a preliminary budget and develop a drawing package outlining lead times, payment schedules and optional services.

We are truly committed to creating the Finest quality woodwork overreaching

all of our client expectations. To be the best means never

compromising the quality of our materials, craftsmanship and the stewardship of our client Family.

Optional Services

Installations are the largest part of our Optional Services. We take this task very seriously and spend the time to
make sure every detail is thought out and perfect. We don’t just install our own cabinetry. We also offer the
installation of outside manufactured products. Each client can be confident they have a Licensed Professional
completing they’re project.


Michael's Note

For over 30 years I have been able to leave home each day and do what I love to do. I love to work with my own two hands, to succeed at new challenges, to learn new skills, to meet new people and to be the best I can be each day. This Passion for Wood has led me on a life’s pursuit to master my craft and to share what I create.

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